I’m wanderlust and in constant flux.

As I grew up, there was never time to plant roots. Instead, my family and I shifted across several states and countries. In 2005, I moved from South America to Miami, FL where I received my B.A. in Art History and then continued on to University of Florida to secure my M.A.

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Since then, I have jumped at any opportunity to travel; but more importantly, I have worked to bring art history to a broader audience. In my book series, I transform stuffy art history into an enlightening quest through time that takes you along on the hunt for masterpieces.

In my early mornings, I squeeze writing and research over a steamy cup of café con leche before I hustle off to The Pérez Art Museum Miami. There I work as a Gallery and Studio Programs Manager to create artistic programs for adults and families.

Apart from writing, I often run, albeit slowly… A great day is one where I’m either traveling or eating gelato at the beach with a good book.