A brilliant chaos.

This week, I spent several hours stuck in traffic, crawling my way through the Miami Beach causeway and Miami design neighborhoods. The millions of art aficionados that circulate through Miami put me in a constant state of ecstasy brimming on anxiety. In 2002, the Art Basel Fair came to Miami Beach for the first time. Over the past thirteen years, the fair and the creative spirit it inspires have grown to the point that it’s nearly impossible to outline where it begins and ends. Miami’s first week of December drowns in art works, patrons, critics, artists, and the art lovers that flock to Miami Beach each year. Many still call the week “Art Basel” but truthfully, it is no longer just about one art fair.

Since Monday, I have navigated Art Basel, Design Miami, satellite exhibitions, parties, gallery openings, and pop-up shows that have electrified the city. I am still digesting all the eye candy, so please stay tuned to this post as it will morph and expand as this week wraps up. There will also be a follow-up post next week. In the meantime, I leave you with these…


16 ft Long Lace, Mark Flood, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, Rubell Collection


Let Them Taste Cake, Jennifer Rubell, 2014, Rubell Collection


Messy Selfie in Copper at Art Basel


Le Peintre et la tête d’animal rouge, Marc Chagall, 1959-1985, Oil, gouache, watercolor and colored chalk on paper laid down on canvas, Hammer Gallery, NY

Resting at Basel

Resting at Basel


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