Story Mapping

A mash-up of art, history, and adventure…

A colleague of mine showed me the vortex that is the  Knight Lab’s Story Map creator. Although I am not particularly savvy about all things technology, my understanding is that it is a tool which allows you to map out stories using world maps or colossal images. Since I am both a writer and art historian, they had me at “story map.”  It’s also an awesome note-taking/research tool because you can add anecdotes or thoughts to landmarks, streets, or paintings.

Currently, I am using it to trace Viola’s next adventure through Paris but I could not resist returning to Florence. So, more than a few hours later, I now have a story map for Lost in the City of Flowers that gives each traveler a peek into the world of the young Leonardo da Vinci, grand cathedrals, and narrow streets of Renaissance Florence. I will let the Lost in the City of Flowers’ Story Map do the rest of the talking.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.12.58 PM


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