Vue of the Front

My first day in New Orleans, I walked for miles…

Before I dive into it, I know I promised the next few posts would be about Coconut Grove but my trip to New Orleans is so fresh on my mind that I couldn’t resist. This week, the post below was featured on Fresh Art International, a blog written and narrated by the inspirational, Cathy Byrd.  The post is about an art collective called The Front of which my dear friend and equally incredible artist, Cristina Molina, is a part of. Another post unfolding my NOLA adventure will follow soon.  So be sure to check back.

Cristina Molina, artwork pictured on the left.

Cristina Molina, artwork pictured on the left.

Article as it appears on Fresh Art International:

Miami based novelist Maria Trujillo contributes this Fresh VUE feature. Her inspiration? An independent artist collective in New Orleans.

My first day in New Orleans, I walked for miles. Several blocks into my expedition, the seasoned city reaffirmed one of my culture mantras: For better or worse, with hardship comes inspiration. Creative minds merge to dissect problems and realize solutions—whether it be recovering from the devastation of a hurricane or forging a path for contemporary art. The Front artist collective is no exception. Their not-for-profit space wraps around the corner of St. Claude Ave. and Manzant St. in the quarter known as the Bywater. Behind the group’s humble façade, there are four galleries cleverly curated to show the work of the 18 artists in the collective.

The Front Door - Photo Cred. Jonathan Traviesa

The Front Door – Photo Cred. Jonathan Traviesa

The creatives behind the gallery bring to mind the many manifestos of art history’s past in that, by uniting, they are cultivating new and experimental work. Within their exhibition space, the Front exposes local contemporary art that stands apart from work seen in major art fairs. The Front’s grass-roots moxie echoes the independent spirit that so many love about New Orleans. An equally engaging characteristic is their open and inclusive attitude. Many of the shows include the work of artists that are not part of their collective, but whose philosophies or investigations align with theirs. The Front’s refreshing attitude has gained them notice and helped extend their reach as far as Japan. No doubt, their gallery, lectures, performances, and screenings are a growing asset to the New Orleans contemporary art scene. If you find yourself on the Prospect.3 route this fall, take time to stop by and see for yourself the inspiring dynamic of this creative space.


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