Local Author Night

A happening of manifested inspirations.

To write is to be inspired, whether by a visiting muse or by working through a mental block.  It’s a winding journey pocketed with struggles and triumphs but the writer’s final object is to share their visions with those willing to experience them. Bookstores play a pivotal role in marrying writers with readers. Of course, there are other roles that contribute to this union but when you are a self-published author the relationships you build with these wonderful havens is vital.

Bookstore in the Grove – Photo cred.

As a self-published author, I believe the Bookstore in the Grove has been the most forthcoming, friendly, and accommodating bookstore for local independent authors in Miami. They take large strides in spreading awareness of their dreams bounded by paper, ink, and glue. The bookstore itself is an absolute gem which boasts its own monthly book club, weekend brunch, and warm treats. One could get lost among its shelves or meet a friend for an afternoon.

Lost in the City of Flowers at bookstore.

Lost in the City of Flowers

Tonight, June 21st, at 7:30 PM, there will be a Local Author Night at the Bookstore in the Grove. I will be one of five authors offering glimpses into the creative mind behind each book. Feel free to come over, invite a friend, savor something sweet, and listen to writers’ dreams. There will be some time for book signing and questions as well.

I hope to see and meet some of you there!






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