My Voice


I scribble when I’m smitten.

This collection of writings will be sweet or sour, long or short, red or blue, depending on my mood and/or how much caffeine I have savored; but they will always be about things, moments, places, people, or ideas that bewitch me.

Coffee Drinking

Occasionally, of course, I’ll write about Viola and her art adventures, especially when it relates to events, news, and research field trips I intend to make whether to the library or to Europe. To be more specific, this corner of the interwebs will be a conversation about art, museums, eats, small shops, and people crushes. In other words, beautiful things and inspirational souls. 

“The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes.” —Andre Gide

I will insist about it in future posts, but before I go, let me say that I will truly enjoy hearing from you, so don’t be shy.


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